How to Fight Bad Thoughts

Negative thoughts that are NOT fact-based are called “distortions” or “irrational” thoughts.

Mastering the skill of recognizing and changing distorted thoughts is central to effective CBT treatment. Learning how to fight these harmful thoughts requires a little education and a lot of practice. Here’s how it works:

  • Click on one of the “Start Here to Practice” examples (on the right sidebar) that is similar to your bad thought OR click on the Practice! tab.
  • I’ll describe why it is distorted and offer examples of fact-based thoughts to replace it
  • You (and others) can post a comment offering other fact-based thought replacement suggestions
  • You can also offer your own distortions by clicking the Suggest a Distortion tab

Notice I have links to Free Practice Logs. You can print them off or download them as a .pdf files.

There are links to other useful sites as well.

Remember, practice, practice, practice!

Best wishes and thanks for visiting!